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Finding a Microsoft Specialist

The Microsoft ecosystem is a complex, and dare we say, dull area of your IT systems.
But please read on!

There is every chance your business is one of the thousands of businesses in the UK making use of Microsoft systems everyday. With such complex mission-critical environments covering your office, the cloud, hybrid working and home working getting the best solution, the best bang-per-buck, the most secure… can be difficult.

Don’t try to master it.  Find an expert, as this is one of those business areas that needs a specialist.

There are lots of Microsoft partner companies out there, but not many tier-1 Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Providers.

As the name suggests, these are the Microsoft Partners who work directly with Microsoft and have the closest relationship.

For my sins, I spend many hours a week on calls with Microsoft, in their webinars or at other technical events all to keep up with the state-of-the-art for our customers.

If you want to change your IT provider, how do you find such a partner and how can they help?
Microsoft do not make it easy!!

Visit this page and have a hunt around.  Not. Much. Help.

In my experience, no one buys, procures or engages with professional IT services using this method, by going to Microsoft and reviewing a directory of Partners. It just does not happen.  Businesses like yours engages with established, trusted and recommended companies. You need to get to know the people, the experts and the business. It takes time to build that trust. The vast majority of our customers are from recommendations, referrals and repeat business and this will be true of pretty much all IT companies.

So how can they help?
A tier-1 Microsoft Partner will be able to help with the overall strategy, the design & architecture of your IT systems, on-going user support, server, network & infrastructure maintenance, licencing and, increasingly, cybersecurity. Although this last area is typically for the more established Microsoft Partners.

The use of IT systems in UK business has evolved. Over the last 20 years I’ve seen businesses first adopt an internet connection, get their first server, partly move to the cloud, fully moving to the cloud and have then their hands forced by the pandemic.

As a result, your IT systems are now fully embedded in your business with your staff expecting to be able to working from home, the office, whenever and wherever they need.

This brings unprecedented requirement to get the IT right. Get it secure. Get it licenced correctly. All to keep your staff safe and productive.

If are thinking of changing your IT partner. Please get in touch.

At ctm Information Technology we deploy, support and secure IT systems for businesses throughout the UK using Microsoft technologies.

We offer a range of Microsoft 365, Modern Work, Infrastructure and Cybersecurity managed services to both SMEs and larger enterprises.

We also offer access to market-beating discounts on Microsoft 365 and Azure products as a Microsoft Direct Bill Cloud Solution Provider.

Established in 1999, we have over 25 years' experience in helping businesses get the very best from their IT.

To find out more information please visit

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